Wondered a few days ago how many Tv series I was actually watching so I decided to make a list with impressions:

a) House: almost everybody watches House these days, but there are serious reasons; it's extremely funny to see a misanthropist in action. And the chicks are hot. Yes, I know I'm a girl.

b) Two and a half men: it still is funny after 8 seasons, though this is the last one; Charlie Sheen is impeccable, and his brother in the series is al lot more famous than you would expect.

c) Sanctuary: I am a STARGATE fan, as I am a Harry Potter fan. I think those are the best things that ever happened to me, movie/serie wise. So when Amanda Tapping started a new series I was all excited, she played in Stargate SG1 and Atlantis. Those are two series I miss. Sanctuary is nice, all monstery, but science fiction that's filmed a bit like 24.

d) Stargate Universe: it started well, so I'm expecting the new episode this month or the next one. I'm a bit disappointed by the fact that it's too dark, not so funny and way too psychological for a TV series born of the Stargate theme. Then again I like the cast. Just wished it didn't look like Huis clos by Camus all the time.

e) How I met your mother: This is a series that started not very well off. I mean, it didn't have a huge amount of fans at first. Now it does. Appreciate all the characters and the fact that the gay chick from Buffy (which I loved too) is in it, and Barney Stinson played in a really known tragic story in the 80s, which I really liked too.

f) The Big Bang Theory: Geeks are very fashion these days, and cool. This series brings a nice cast, the girl also played in this series, which i kind of liked, back when she was a teen. I enjoy the fact that in TBBT you can actually learn stuff or end up searching things on the internet like Einstein and Shrodingers cat. And Sheldon is terrific.

g) Bones: All of it resides in how incredibly sexy the ex-Buffy, ex-Angel David Boreanaz looks like next to Emily Deschanel. Their on-screen chemistry is amazing, looks like the beginning of Brangelina. The series makes death and horrible death, and unimaginable death very funny. Nice cast.

h) Heroes: I really don't know why I started watching Heroes, probably boredom. Doesn't really appeal to me. This guy with the carnival is like the 4th villain and the other villains tend to become good guys and it kind of jumped the shark after the Ethan incident. Good actors, not a great storyboard because at first it was just really amazing and now I kind of look at is so it ends...

i) Desperate Housewives: This one I started on Tv and liked it a lot. Still think it is funny, they never end the surprises, it's a series that managed to stay young and fresh. I enjoy Susan because she was in Lois and Clark and I loooooved her as Lois. Although now she just looks skinny, way too skinny.

j) Medium: I love Patricia Arquette, i like the entire family actually. I don't quite feel it has already jumped the shark, it still is quite impressive to this day. I also appreciate the fact that she refused to lose weight for the role.

k) Nip/Tuck: This one I just watch it because I'm used to. I mean by now they've done a bit of all they could do on the series. Plus Sean's ex-wife a really nice actress that's a bit whacko (seen in Charmed - loooved that - and in Grindhouse Planet Terror - Quentin Tarantino movie -) and they killed her off way too fast.

l) Glee: I love music, I love music-hall and this series is just gorgeous. The cast is nice, the songs are the best and the story is really funny. Kind of sends me back to Freaks and Geeks.

m) Ghost Whisperer: Only started watching this season, although I've been watching on and off since it started. I appreciate Jennifer Love Hewitt because she seems a really nice person and she cries a lot and she's feminine.

n) Dexter: Didn't catch up to it until the former season. Like it because the main character is played by this funny actor. He was glorious in Gamer, the dancing sequence was epic.

o) True Blood: Can't wait for the next episode. I love Anna Paquin and the series sent me to the Piano, such a beautiful movie. I am a huge vampire fan, not that much a Twilight saga person. I like the southern spirit of the series, feels strangely familiar when compared to Gone with the wind.

This is about it. I also watch Greek, Californication, Flash Forward, Ugly Betty and V. I stopped watching Weeds, Kyle XY, Smallville and Burn Notice.

So, wasting my time entirely, right?

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  1. @Amalia: Ca te uiti/te-ai uitat la 1435364 seriale. Eu sunt la primul:))