Robin Hood

So as of today I have seen 4 versions of Robin Hood (the movie).
The first one was Robin Hood: Men in Tights which of course is the best of all because it's the funniest, the most delirious.
The second one was the one with Kevin Kostner, the romantic version, creating an iconic image. I can't actually see Kevin Kostner in any role than that of puppy love face in Bodyguard with Whitney Houston sober singing in the background.
The third one was the Disney one. Love the fact that Robin is a fox, because he is quite a cunning creature/man.

The last one I've seen today. Interesting because it works more on the reality-documentary style of today, with a few Hollywood clichés but quite impressive for the rest. I went to see it because it's Ridley Scott and his favorite actor Russell Crowe and I've been a fan since Gladiator.

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  1. prezentarea te lasa fara cuvinte. sa vedem si continutu'.

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