I've been watching the new Spartacus series (not that there was another series) and I've just finished the first season. The second season is on hold because the main actor has non-Hodgkin lymphoma.
First time I heard of Spartacus was in latin class when I was in highschool and the teacher made us watch Spartacus movie, a peplum with Kirk Douglas (he was so cuuute! and buff!).
Well the new actor is not that bad, but he's not Kirk Douglas. None the less the series is good: kind of soft porn+300 (pleonasm because 300 has soft porn)+not so scary horror movie (Chainsaw Massacre)=sex, blood, violence and the massager from 300 as their coach.
So for anyone who enjoys the mix (as I did), it's a valuable series. Oh and Xena is in it :D.
Streaming here.

2 commentaires:

  1. Quite pervert and brutal for my taste but it's worth seeing. The color of the roman ages is very well painted.

  2. It is. Mi-a placut foarte mult, ma rog... e foarte stilul meu. Nu stiu exact cat de roman este, s-ar putea sa fie prea violent.